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Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition that causes redness of the face, often associated with easy flushing. It can also cause pimple-like breakouts—but if you suffer from rosacea, you already knew that. While the true cause isn’t known, a combination of environmental and hereditary factors may be the culprit.

Symptoms may be triggered or aggravated by extreme shifts in temperature, spicy foods, hot drinks, alcohol, sunlight, exercise, cosmetics, drugs that dilate the blood vessels, and emotional stress (everyone has different triggers, so be mindful about what sets you off). Women, people with fair skin, people who are over the age of 30 and people with a family history are more likely to develop this condition.


There is no cure for rosacea (ugh!), but don’t worry, treatments can help to control and reduce these signs and symptoms.

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