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The NES WELLNESS PROGRAM has launched / schedule your LED Lightbed, Hydration IVs, Massage, and more!


Our NESC Fellowship Training is a unique opportunity that offers a wealth of information during an intimate 1:1 training. During this training, you will have the opportunity to inject live models with close direction and observation of your mentor. The injector must have a medical director, insurance and current state licensure.

This program includes shadowing and hands on injectable experience. The program is offered 2 days a week for four hour sessions for one to two months. Along with receiving guidance, mentorship, as well as business coaching, you will obtain exposure to our patient consultation process, assessments, neurotoxins, dermafillers, biostimulators, PRP & lasers.

This program fee is one-month $3,000 for one month & $6,000 for two months.

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