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Though our ancestors may have had to cling to their stubborn fat, the appearance of a “muffin top” is hardly ever welcome. To make matters worse, those of us who have had kids can attest to an even further fat increase. Over time, our bodies just appear to stop trying.

Don’t go calling the doctor for a tummy tuck just yet! Those who struggle with persistent belly fat will be glad to hear about the new BTL Vanquish treatment system. No, this isn’t just another CoolSculpting clone – Vanquish uses heat to target fat just below your skin, making treatment sessions feel soothing and leading to long-lasting results!*


Vanquish is the latest in FDA-approved, non-invasive fat removal treatments to hit the aesthetics market. This revolutionary treatment relies on the concentrated release of radiofrequency heat to target fat cells at their core. The gentle release of energy from Vanquish aimed at unwanted fat causes apoptosis, or cellular death. After blasting the fat, it then gradually leaves your system through your lymphatic channels.

What makes the Vanquish especially unique is its high success rate. Currently, it has a 29.6% reduction rate as measured by official clinical trials* — that’s higher than any other similar device on the market! Also, unlike CoolSculpting, Vanquish does not have a BMI cutoff limit. It can be used by anyone with any BMI and it has the largest treatment area of any fat reduction device!


It may sound too good to be true, but Vanquish can provide optimal results in as little as four 45-minute sessions! The best part is that after the fat has been removed, your results are permanent* so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The risks of Vanquish are minimal, but some mild inflammation may be present after your treatment.


When you come in for your session, you will be invited to lie back while the device’s heating pad does all the work. The pad will feel like laying out in the sun on a warm day. The heat applied to your stomach will be mild and feel pleasant, leaving no room for pain or discomfort — No pain, no downtime, no shelving, no shark bites!

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